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Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing in Shrewsbury


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Brazilians, Hollywoods, Vajazzles. They're everywhere these days. And let's face it, we're all aware by now of the benefits of keeping your personal topiary as tiptop and tidy as possible:

  • It's arguably more aesthetically pleasing;
  • It prevents those mortifying spiders' legs moments in the changing rooms;
  • And, should this interest you, it really heightens sensitivity, making for happy times under the duvet.

So, given all this, what's stopping you getting your Down Below up to par?

The Cringe Factor

Shuffling into a back room with your Saturday shopping and fumbling out of your kecks as a resentful hairdresser sorts your bits on the side in order to make her bit on the side, isn't exactly appealing - or confidence-boosting!

At TidyWax! in  Shrewsbury, we're 100% focused, unsurprisingly, on waxing. It's our pride, our passion and our only service, so that we can concentrate on being the best at it. When you step into our serene, sleekly glamourous boutique, you'll feel instantly reassured. Here, you'll be met with a highly trained therapist (trained by waxing guru Kim Lawless), who's professional, friendly and, most importantly, a specialist in this area. You won't feel embarrassed because our therapists actually wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Honestly, we really have seen it all before, and it is our job to make you feel as relaxed about it as we are. Who knows? You might even have fun!


Time was when going for a wax was eye-poppingly painful. But we can promise you your experience will be virtually painless. We've sourced the highest-grade, specialist waxes from Perron Rigot (which, by the way, smell so delicious you'll be tempted to taste them) to ensure you and the little lady are as comfortable as possible.

We use a new Perron Rigot hot wax on the sensitive areas, which shrink-wraps around the hair NOT the skin, so it can be as intimate as you dare. More wow than ow!


Perhaps you find the whole business unsanitary? We can guarantee that our methods are completely hygienic. We don't double-dip the spatulas and use disposable gloves and sheets, so there is no skin-on-skin contact. We're so scrupulous about cleanliness in every aspect of the salon that we annoy ourselves but it's so that you know we really are a safe pair of hands!

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